ーA Story of Changing the Futureー

Fragment's Note+


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I will protect you... Daddy, and everyone else too.

After all, the future is something that is shaped by the decisions you make.

This is the story of Yukiha Tenjo.



    Hey Yukiha,

    remember that promise we made?

    Mischa Eisenstein

    Voice Actor: Tomomi Mineuchi

    A girl from Russia who transfers into Yukiha's class.
    She was his closest friend during his time in Russia,
    and the daughter of a distinguished family.
    She is extremely outgoing, even towards those she just met.
    Because of this, she's belolved by both boys and girls as the class mascot.

    • Height:


    • Measurements:


    • Birthday:

      December 2nd

  • HAYA

    Don't worry.

    No matter what happens I'll be right here.

    Haya Tenjo

    Voice Actor: Maria Naganawa

    Yukiha's step-sister. She takes the place of his mother,
    and he can't live without her.
    She also works part-time as the nurse at Yukiha's school,
    and as such has a caring and reliable personality.
    Because of this, she is very popular with both students
    and staff.

    • Height:


    • Measurements:


    • Birthday:

      April 13th

  • ERI

    Shut up,

    nobody asked you.

    Eri Shirasagi

    Voice Actor: Ai Kakuma

    One of Yukiha's classmates.
    She likes girls more than boys.
    On top of being smart, she has a laid-back personality, and is
    very caring. Because of this, she is very popular with girls.
    She is Yukitsuki's best friend, and met Yukiha through her.
    She's willing to work with Yukiha, for Yukitsuki and Haya's

    • Height:


    • Measurements:


    • Birthday:

      August 22nd

  • MIU

    I'm your daughter from the future,

    and I traveled all the way back in time and I traveled all the way back in time

    Miu Tenjo

    Voice Actor: Hikaru Tono

    A mysterious girl that suddenly appeared before Yukiha
    and claims to be his daughter.
    Declaring that she came from the future to make him happy,
    she puts her various skills to good use.
    Though she acts tough, she is still as emotional as any

    • Height:


    • Measurements:


    • Birthday:

      February 29th


    I-I can't,

    you're like a little brother to me.

    Yukitsuki Asaka

    Voice Actor: Rie Takahashi

    The childhood friend that Yukiha has always had a crush on.
    Though she once came to wake him up every morning
    and make him breakfast, they have grown distant
    ever since she turned down his love confession.
    She is best friends with Eri, and can talk about anything
    with her.

    • Height:


    • Measurements:


    • Birthday:

      June 6th



    You know we always got your back right?

    Mikiya Amasaka

    Voice Actor: Hiromu Mineta

    One of Yukiha's best frieinds and classmates.
    He's calm and a deep-thinker, but he truly values his friends,
    and will help Yukiha out of any trouble, no matter what.
    He's extremely popular with girls, but he can't deal with
    women or conversations about romance.

    • Height:


    • Birthday:

      January 16th



    that's what friends are for!

    Kazuhide Fujikura

    Voice Actor: Sonosuke Hattori

    One of Yukiha's best frieinds and classmates.
    He has a cheerful personality, but can be a bit of a dunce.
    He's bad at reading the room, and often becomes the
    target of Mikiya and Eri's jabs and jests.
    Like Mikiya, he highly values his friends, but because of his
    obliviousness, he tends to get made fun of quite a bit.

    • Height:


    • Birthday:

      August 20th


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Fragment's Note+

  • Genre: Romance Visual Novel
  • Release Date: Now Available
  • Rating: IARC 12+

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